Estilo makes easy creating, maintaining and versioning colorschemes for vim, airline and lightline.

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Estilo is written in pure javascript, so you will need node.js installed in your computer, then install with npm:

npm install -g estilo

Quick start

Initialize your project and follow the instructions:

mkdir myproject && cd myproject && estilo init

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Usage: estilo [command]


  • init: Initialize an estilo project in current folder
  • render: Render all the colorschemes and themes
  • add-syntax: Opens dialog for adding more syntax templates
  • add-airline: Opens dialog for adding a new Airline style
  • add-lightline: Opens dialog for adding a new Lightline style
  • help: Show help

Colorschemes created with Estilo

© 2016 Jacobo Tabernero - Released under MIT License

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